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CNN: Trump lawyer’s have informed the former President indictments are “possible”

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Despite ongoing objections from Donald Trump himself his lawyers have now joined the growing chorus of people who have willingly spoke to the committee about the Trump-endorsed terrorist attack that took place against the Capitol. His legal counsel is reportedly entering conversations with the committee to determine whether or not Trump actually has the legal standing to protect his conversations that he would have had while President of the United States.

CNN reports that his team has informed him that after the initial stages of those investigations he he has been warned that indictments are possible. This is an escalation in the investigation against the Trump administration and its activities on that infamous day in U.S history. CNN notes that this late in the game Trump ‘s lawyers are trying to figure out if he as a whole has right to shield his conversations from a federal grand jury.

Editors note: This is formally known as Presidential immunity. Think of the immunity loosely in the sense of let’s say a police informant granted immunity in exchange for their help. This is usually done in situations where the police or authorities are to gain something for their own benefit.

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