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Shocking allegations surface that Meta has been giving your deleted FB messages to cops: Lawsuit

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Shocking new allegations against Facebook have surfaced in a lawsuit amid reports the company has been sued by a former employee. The former employee Brennan Lawson has been at odds with the company since 2019, when he says the company adopted a policy that allows it to provide deleted messages to law enforcement.

Lawson maintains that he was fired when he rang the alarm about the protocol and began inquiring whether or not such was even legal.

It doesn’t appear that the company ever made an effort to notify users that such had even become a protocol. Lawson did in fact work as a Senior Risk Escalations specialist so he would’ve had access and known about these things compared to ordinary employees.

So what’s the deal? According to documents, at the time, managers introduced a protocol that in turn allowed the company to circle back and retrieve messages that users had already deleted from messenger.

As a result of this, these messages were consistently turned over to law enforcement behind the backs of Meta’s users. The suit goes on to claim that Facebook allowed this in an effort to secure a cozy relationship with the government to remain in its good graces.

Lawson is suing Meta for $3m plus damages.

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