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Ricky Martin allegedly had a secret affair with his nephew as shock incest allegations torpedo hopes he’d ever comeback from scandal

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As a whole the allegations against music legend Ricky Martin are not only shocking they are actually wildly grotesque. According to reports, Martin has now not only been accused of sexual assault but he allegedly assaulted his own nephew having had an affair with him for several months. Initially Spanish media down in Puerto Rico didn’t identify the alleged victim, however, Spanish media has now reversed course and identified the victim as Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, Spanish news outlet Marca reported. 

Sanchez is Martin ‘s 21-year-old nephew though not much else is known about him at this time. The allegations first surfaced earlier this month when reports then initially had claimed that Martin had a 7 month affair behind his husband’s back. Calls to Martin ‘s rep went unanswered by publication time of this article.

Martin maintains that the allegations are of ‘no truth’ and absolutely ‘fabricated.’ He did get served with a restraining order in the case and is facing up to 50 years in prison if convicted.

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