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Manchin deals blow to Republicans; Mega jackpot hits American lottery, Samuel Alito ‘s crass remarks – Start the Day Here

Last updated on 2022-07-30

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Happy Friday guys; gals, and everyone else in between. It’s Friday so that means the drama is high; the crass is higher, and one particular Supreme Court Justice is showing his ass overseas as if America forgot what he helped do weeks ago.

  1. Samuel Alito the religious nutcase on the Supreme Court is in Europe this week for an equally nutty religious summit… here’s what he said.

2. Manchin suddenly did a u-turn this week and now supports Biden ‘s green agenda but at what cost?

But wait get this… as a result of this …. Republicans are blocking a healthcare bill that would’ve helped.. wait for it… America’s veteran community…

3. The Mega Millions jackpot is… well mega for sure.

According to the latest numbers the jackpot stands at $1.02B as nobody has claimed it yet with a winning ticket. After US taxes that would be a grand prize of a hefty $602m or so (still pretty wild if we’re being honest.)

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