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Candace Cameron Bure denies that she’s a raging lunatic but nobody ‘s believing her supposed phone call with Jojo Siwa

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Social media is all talk about Candace Cameron Bure and Jojo Siwa. Siwa, 19, took to th intrenet earlier this week with a Tik Tok video in response to a viral challenge that names the best and worst ‘celebrities.” TO the shock of nobody, Bure made the list and eventually found herself on the receiving end of internet criticism notably for her anti-gay past.

Bure responded to the controversy by sharing a video in which she claims she called Siwa to address the problem and discovered that the problem was always Bure being rude. Turns out part of the problem dates back to when Siwa was 11 at a Fuller House premiere when was largely ignored on the red carpet, while Bure noticeably took pictures with everyone else around.

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