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Visa: Sorry not sorry, we don’t care people are buying ghost guns with our credit cards

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A similar sentiment was heard across the aisle over at Mastercard. According to Buzzfeed News, two of the biggest credit card processors in America have confirmed that they will not stop processing transactions for what are called ghost guns. As the debate rages on about how to tackle America ‘s gun epidemic, it appears the Biden Administration has run into an additional roadblock.

So here’s the deal. As Buzzfeed notes, both Visa and Mastercard have made it abundantly clear that it is not their responsibility to stop such purchases. Both companies also noted in their own statements that they will not move unless illegal activity is detected (essentially indicating that America would have to outlaw ghost guns before anything could happen.)

It appears even American Express has similar sentiments as they also coyly told Buzzfeed News that until laws are enacted their hands are tied.

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