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There’s something Americans need to know about the gun control bill that was just passed

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Efforts in America to reign in guns within U.S borders might seem like a good thing — but those efforts were apparently a little more difficult than most initially understood. According to reports published Tuesday, Republican lawmakers attempted to help push an effort to remove and undo the lifetime ban on former spouses convicted of domestic violence ever obtaining a firearm.

Democrats were unanimously against the idea. The problem with the bill is that spouses and such convicted will be able to get their guns back after 5 years assuming they don’t do it again (but that isn’t always the case and repeat offenders are very much real.)

But misdemeanor domestic violence convictions for current or former spouses will still result in lifetime bans on gun ownership. Other categories banned from obtaining a weapon include (and will remain): committed felonies, been adjudicated as “mentally defective,” or dishonorably discharged from the military.

Places like the National Rifle Organization however are against the move and are among those calling for the ban to be removed.

“There is good reason that rights are not extinguished for a lifetime based on misdemeanor convictions,” the NRA Institute for Legislative Action wrote in a blog post last week. “In addition to the law viewing misdemeanor conduct less harshly than felony conduct, misdemeanor defendants are not always provided with the same level of exhaustive due process as those charged with felonies.”

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