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The internet ‘s shadiest right-wing personality is back online (and it isn’t Trump)

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And if your first guess was Ron Watkins you guessed correctly. Ron Watkins (aka Q of the QAnon theory) appeared online for the first time in almost two years over the weekend. News of such has made headlines around the world considering it is not well understood who Q actually is, although, many including several experts believe Q is Arizona based computer programmer Ron Watkins. Watkins’ father reportedly owns the website 8kun that he has on numerous occasions posted QAnon related content on.

Neither Watkins nor his father was available for comment for this article. In one chilling post, the far-right internet personality posted the following message on the website.

“Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.” the message reads. In another he revealed in an answer to somebody’s question why Q had gone missing for so long — claiming it had to be done that way.

The New York Times has more on this story.

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