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No matter where you turn the MTA is watching you as it emerges they’ve installed secret cameras inside train carts

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New York City ‘s troubled transit authority seems to be able to do everything except keep its customers safe. According to reports, it has emerged this week that the MTA has been quietly installing hidden cameras in about 65 station carts over the past several weeks. The organization claims that it is an effort to solve transit crimes, however, we have seen this song-and-dance before and these policies almost never work.

Most of the MTA ‘s vast surveillance network spans train stations and the like but it wasn’t until this year that they attempted to put secret cameras inside carts. The move comes after the 12 April subway shooting that took place in Sunset Park when the MTA fell under fire for its then lackluster surveillance system available inside of carts rather than outside.

This is also the same MTA that declined to install gates at train stations to prevent the rise in shovings and suicides that have plagued New York City for about two or three years now. The MTA says per the Post that it will eventually put up signs notifying people that they are constantly being watched, however, that won’t happen for the foreseeable future.

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