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Israel is dissolving its parliament again and heading into new elections

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For the fifth time in several years, Israel is headed back into a fresh pair of elections because people can’t get it together. On Monday, the Prime Minister’s office confirmed that a new election will be called and the current government will be dissolved. The current government first began losing its majority about two years ago as defecting lawmakers made political life hell for many.

It was the first of such parties to largely include an Arab led party. The group had 8 total parties collectively under the super-party and still failed to deliver on many things.

It is the latest example of a so called set of free and fair elections have largely come up empty for voters and such in the country. It is widely expected that as a result of dissolving parliament, former PM Benjamin Netanyahu will yet again make another grab for power.

Netanyahu was previously ousted as PM against the backdrop of numerous corruption charges related to his own time in government. It does, however, remain unclear if Netanyahu would actually be able to form the required majority government unlike his five predecessors.

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