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Full stop: Clarence Thomas has revealed that following #RoevsWade ruling, these common things may be next

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If Clarence Thomas gets his way two more pretty basic things of American life are on the chopping block next. Following Friday’s draconian right-wing led movement to overturn Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court formally overturned the 50-year law that gave women the right to choose to have an abortion or not. It was incorrectly cited by Republicans following the ruling that this is a win for the constitution when in fact it isn’t.

Thomas is understood to have revealed Friday that gay marriage and birth control should be visited next along with most other major cases that carried substantial precedent. It does appear that the Supreme Court is now targeting mainly cases that involved mostly liberal led causes rather than anything else. This ruling came just a day or two after they overturned New York ‘s ability to regulate guns on its streets which is almost certainly going to lead to even more deadly shootouts.

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