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America is about to give a massive $52B parachute to various corporations including Intel

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American taxpayers are about to do what they unconsciously and against their will do better than probably any other society on earth. According to reports, the U.S government is preparing a package called the “Chips Act.” The Chips Act as you might’ve guessed applies to encourage companies to make more semiconductor chips in the states (not many of them actually are.)

The problem with the act is that companies like Intel and others have made demands that the government fork over more than $52BN in subsidies just to encourage these people to make chips in the states rather than somewhere else. Public records show that companies like Intel earned more than $79B in profits last year alone — its CEO earned a compensation package of more than $179M.

Another beneficiary of the subsidy is actually GlobalFoundries which is quite literally a subset of the United Arab Emirates and its sovereign wealth fund.

Americans are being robbed yet again.

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