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Murder of young gay man shocks Manhattan as cops don’t know how he died in back of cabbie

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EDITORS NOTE: This story involves an ongoing investigation in Manhattan involving the death of 25-year-old Julio Ramirez. Last month, Ramirez was out on the town near the Ritz bar in Manhattan only to turn up dead in the back of cabbie a few hours later.

Image: Julio Ramirez.Julio Ramirez.Family photo

Police have made no arrests so far. NBC News first covered the story which seems fairly unusual from the start. On 20 April Ramirez set out on the town for an evening of fun having been texting numerous friends (as most people do when they go out alone.). Only cops say that after a while things got murky when he was seen on security cameras entering a cab with four unidentified men. It is unclear if he knew the men but it would be the last time he was seen alive.

For more on this story and if anyone has any information on what happened or may have seen something call the NYPD immediately.

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