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Twitter is warming up to Elon Musk ‘s hostile takeover bid

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Twitter is preparing to hand its keys to a new owner. According to multiple reports out this morning, Twitter appears to be much more receptive to Musk ‘s $46.5B hostile takeover offer. News of the offer has done a number on Twitter ‘s stock price though the price was back up this morning.

Musk is hoping to buy the firm at $54.20 a share. Efforts to complete the sale have so far been held up amid reports that Twitter tried and then stopped attempting to implement a poison pill against Elon’s efforts to buy the company and take it private. Twitter as a private company is expected to undergo a number of widespread changes.

Elon ‘s intentions with the site though aren’t entirely clear.

Critics have pounced on the idea of Elon of all people owning a major site like That much data and power for someone like Musk would give him unprecedented access to a ton of information about more people than ever.

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