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Netflix is poised to officially add commercials almost guaranteeing its fall from grace

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Netflix is apparently in trouble. According to reports, its troubles start with the fact that it lost more than 200k subscribers between Jan and March of this year. It is one of the largest subscriber exoduses on record for the company, though, more than 2m additional users are expected to jump ship by June. This in large part can be chalked up to the fact that Netflix is losing its status among competition; the cost of living crisis, and according to some social media users the “lack of content that is actually good.”

An earnings call this week all but confirmed the suspicions that Netflix is struggling to stay afloat and may further attempt to find ways to stop the loss of huge swathes of revenue. The company is also set to further crackdown on password sharing as it is estimated more than 100m households worldwide take part in the act.

Cinema Blend was first to report news of the commercials coming.

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