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Man, 60, is the latest victim of NYC’s spiraling violence after he was bludgeoned with a brick in Harlem: GRAPHIC VIDEO

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WARNING: This article contains references and images that might be considered violent.

New York City ‘s out of control violence continues amid reports that on Thursday a 60-year-old man was violently bludgeoned with a brick in Harlem after a dispute over packages with a neighbor. The altercation happened at a residential building between Adam Clayton and 132nd in the neighborhood according to police reports obtained by Bazaar Daily News.

WARNING: The following security footage is considered GRAPHIC. The man is understood to be in stable condition and survived the attack according to police.

Reports show that the man confronted a woman in the lobby of his building over the thought that she had swiped his packages. Later in the security camera footage cops obtained it shows the woman leave and then return with two men who appear to help her in the vicious attack against the man.

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