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France’s Macron is expected to win a 2nd term as President

Last updated on 2022-04-25

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Despite a renewed effort from the right in France Macron appears to be poised to win. According to pollsters, Macron is expected to take home more than 58.2% of the vote against challenger Marine Le Pen framed for her racist remarks and anti-common-sense behavior.

What’s next for Macron?

If the results certify he will become the first French leader in 20 years to cruise to re-election. The race was a second attempt effort by far-right challenger Marine Le Pen who had recently fell under intense scrutiny amid an effort by the far-right to bn Muslim headscarfs in public. Le Pen ‘s rhetoric even dialed back inevitably helped seal her loss in the race.

Macron managed to overcome strong dislike for himself and his party in France following what were known at one point in history was the yellow vest protests.

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