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BLM ‘s Patrisse Cullors and her money-grubbing friends are back in the news

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Former BLM executives or “associates” Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah are all back in the news. According to a not-so-shocking revelation by New York Magazine, the 3 women have been up to more than they’ve previously led on. New revelations have uncovered that the home used in one of the videos a year after Floyd ‘s death — was actually filmed in front of a home bought by the three women. Documents found during the investigation revealed that the trio used more than $3.2m of donation cash at the time to purchase the home they never disclosed to the public.

Cullors notably claimed at the time to the press that she was “weeks out of survival mode” but that clearly wasn’t the truth in any form. A while back it was later disclosed that Cullors herself had quietly bought a series of expensive homes across America also understood to have been with monies from the organization.

It’s interesting to note that the disclosure of this home came because a journalist was poking around and found that a it was a registered to an LLC in Delaware — because they had tried to conceal it by not having their names on official documents.

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