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4 newsy things to know as you kickstart your Tuesday

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Tuesday is here (deep sigh) but let’s get the day started. We don’t have a sponsor for this guide again so we’re going to get right into the mix for the day.

  1. Elon Musk is now Twitter ‘s largest shareholder

In a move that nobody saw coming but some suspected after a bizarre poll appeared online via Musk — Musk bought 9.2% of the company outright making him the company’s largest shareholder. It is unclear exactly which direction this may go for Twitter as some suspect that Musk may be prepared to make changes. On Tuesday it emerged that Musk will now be placed on the company’s board of directors.

2. North Korea’s villainous Kim Yo-Jong has responded to apparent reports of an alleged plot by South Korea to strike the North

Earlier last week, South Korea touted its own abilities to conduct long-range attacks on its neighbor (nobody’s quite sure what possessed South Korea to announce this knowing how the North reacts to these things.) South Korea ‘s government announced that it had been working on its own abilities but was almost immediately met with harsh rhetoric from the North. According to reports, Yo-Jong told reporters in North Korea that the country would respond to any attacks by the south with its own nuclear weapons and would “destroy them all.”

3. Ursela Von Der Leyen is headed to Ukraine

Leyen the President of the European Commission is headed to Ukraine to chat with Zelenskiy. According to reports, Ursula is headed to the country with some of the region’s top diplomats to survey what exactly Russia did in Bucha and beyond. It is understood (and we won’t show them here) that Russia committed hundreds of war crimes in Ukraine. Photographs seen by Bazaar Daily indicate that people were killed; hands tied behind their backs, and left for dead in the middle of what were once busy Ukrainian streets.

4. In wake of Bucha… Russia is in more international trouble than ever before.

In wake of the heartbreaking images surfacing out of Bucha, Russian diplomats and officials are being expelled from countries all over the world. In Bucha particularly, Russian officials and military soldiers slaughtered an obscene number of innocent people in the name of their unlawful war. Russia now maintains that said bodies are a hoax, but, satellite images actually appear to show otherwise despite the propaganda coming from the Kremlin.

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