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UK investigators have seized a £38m yacht that may belong to a Russian billionaire

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Officials in London have announced that a massive 38m yacht believed to be owned by the Russians has been seized. According to reports, Phi is Russian businessman’s Sergei Georgievich Naumenko which is largely what is understood by investigators who apparently receiived multiple tips about the vessel prior to seizing it on government orders. The anti-kleptocracy unit declared that the ship is registered to a business in the Caribbean specifically St Kitts and Nevitts. That same vessel is understood to have purposely placed Maltese flags onboard in an effort to throw off investigators who had sought information about it.

The ship was actualy rushing to leave Canary Wharf in East London but had been raided by the crime unit just hours before it was set to hit the waters. Its exact destination was unknown at the time of raids though it is suspected Russian owned ships are making a break for countries that are largely unnfriendly to the West.

Officials first grew suspicious of the massive ship on 13 March after the government began wondering how the ship’s alleged owner, a small time businessman, matched the price tag of a ship believed to be worth hundreds of millions.

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