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The arctic is experiencing some danger again — let’s chat about that and what you should know right now

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Arctic seabeds in certain areas of the world are making headlines again and the reason why should alarm most people who have a basic understanding of the world around us. According to marine scientists, a number of stunning discoveries have been made starting in Canada involving the seabed below us and the discovery of deep holes that are actually pretty massive.

CNN reports that these “deep holes” have been found quite a distance into the seabeds and appear to be a result of thawing materials also found deep within the seabeds. The formal term for this occurrence is understood to be permafrost which appears to be thawing in the seabeds found in or near Canada ‘s Beaufort Sea.

Using specialized remotely controlled underwater vehicles scientists have been studying this area since about 2010. Marine experts noted to the US network that these discoveries were made between the period of 2010 and 2019.

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