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Russia has declared that Sanctions aimed at the country are a “declaration of war”

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What that means exactly remains to be determined according to reports. CNN reports that as the weekend came to be Russia ‘s government announced that sanctions against the country are akin to acts of war. But nobody’s quite sure exactly what Putin was talking about as reports indicate Russian soldiers have already also broken the agreed upon ceasefire in multiple cities.

“We could have taken a different course of action,” he said. “We could have helped the republics of Donbas at the contact line and reinforced them with the Russian army, but in this case, and I mean with the unwavering support from the west, we would have radicals on the other side coming endlessly… with support from the west.”

“Our General Staff, the Ministry of Defense, went the other way; the first thing they did was to destroy the entire military infrastructure [of Ukraine], well, not all of it, but partially, mostly. Warehouses with weapons, ammunition, aviation, air defense systems,” he said.

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