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The case against Donald Trump has taken a dark and likely criminal turn: Report

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Former U.S President Donald Trump is in serious hot water and this time he may not be able to wiggle his way out. According to reports, Congress has opened a series of new investigations into Donald Trump ‘s actions amid the backdrop of reports that he illegally tore up documents; flushed some down the toilet, and appears to have had his call logs partially destroyed.

For those who may not be aware that amounts to what appears to be a violation of the Records Act which requires that such documents among other things be preserved within the National Archives. Trump for his part maintains that he has done nothing wrong and has denied the allegations of ripping up any paperwork that would’ve otherwise been kept within the White House.

The claims come from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman who (we feel it is only right to disclose this) does have a new book about Trump coming called Confidence Man. In the book, the wild claims assert that Trumpian era staff members were aware of the alleged ripping of documents but said nothing at the time. Jan 6th committee officials are also reportedly aware of the claims and taking them very seriously.

These things come on the heels of even more damning allegations against the former American President. Earlier this month, it emerged that Trump allegedly and unlawfully took up to 15 boxes of mementos and records from the White House to his Mar-A-Lago home in Florida. In those boxes were what is understood to be dozens of documents and “love letters” from none other than North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. For those that may not remember, Trump had a fairly cozy relationship with Kim throughout the duration of his Presidency.

Also, another fake story, that I flushed papers and documents down a White House toilet, is categorically untrue and simply made up by a reporter in order to get publicity for a mostly fictitious book,’ he wrote in a statement Thursday morning.

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