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Julia Fox appears to have confirmed she and Kanye West are in an open relationship

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Because rightfully nobody asked but celebrity culture is intent on making sure we know everything about them. In a series of revelations, boring actress Julia Fox appears to have revealed that she and rapper West are in an open relationship.

There were a few other things she revealed that are entirely too NSFW for me to disclose in this newspaper. According to a podcast interview, Fox maintains they are together regardless but that is up for debate.

On Call Her Daddy, Julia said, “I call him my boyfriend, and he calls me his girlfriend. It just happened, and it felt very organic and not even like crazy or anything, just very natural.

Interestingly, Page Six and this might be a long shot here previously reported that the two only met five weeks ago and aren’t yet titled. This goes directly against Fox’s own claims and plays into the whole narrative that the shitshow is just that — a rodeo nobody asked for.

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