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Black Lives Matter org is in trouble, here’s why, and what that means for the future of the movement

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A movement that is being taken down internally over failure to disclose financial records and money documents. According to the California Department of Justice, officials have issued a warning to the organisation declaring that the group must disclose the who; what, and where about its reported $60m in charitable donations.

The trouble dates back to the org’s early days when Patrisse Cullors was at the helm of the movement. Interestingly, the DOJ appears to want to know where the org’s records have vanished because they haven’t been seen since Cullors herself was in charge. Before Cullors famously resigned, she was caught in the cross hairs of a financial misstep involving numerous real estate purchases to the tune of millions.

This development appears to come following revelations that the group hasn’t apparently had anyone in charge of its finances since last May. Reporters over at the Washington Examiner managed to get their hands on a copy of the letter which appeared to confirm the case would target all parties involved.

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