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As Putin ‘s war struggles to push forward in Ukraine, back home in Moscow a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters

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Moscow is absolutely going the way of Trumpism. According to social media posts; reports, and citizen reports out of Moscow hundreds of people have been arrested in the past 3 days alone against the backdrop of widespread anti-war protests. It appears that despite Putin ‘s attempts to convince the world that Russians are OK with what he’s done — that isn’t the case at all for the most part.

The protests first began on Thursday according to numerous internet postings which feature photographs and videos from the largely peaceful gatherings. St Petersburg police, however, have already turned violent as the protests enter a new day. According to translated communications from a number of our Russian friends, the protests are only growing by size as the days go on and the sanctions pile up.

Protests have even reached as far as New York and parts of America according to CBS News and Reuters who reported on such protests over the weekend.

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