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This Week In Space: A startling object in the Milky Way has been detected (something nobody has ever seen before)

This Week in Space is one of the many astronomy newsletters I help run here at the papers. This Week in Space explores the many fascinating things occurring above us and often the extraordinary finds that are just too interesting to pass up. It is one of the many efforts we make here at the papers to keep our readers informed. This column is edited by Kory Karmikle & Samira K. Wright.

A truly fascinating find in Space has been revealed. According to NBC News and a bevy of astronomers, an astronomer way back in 2020 has now revealed in 2022 just what she found one day while scanning radio frequencies in the skies above us. As noted by Natasha Hurley-Walker, the find is what is known as a radio transient (that pretty much meant that at the time there was something almost as it was switching on and off in the sky.)

The find and much of the information that corresponds with the research has been published in the Journal of Nature. These types of occurrences have occurred before, however, astronomers noted that this particular find went on for some time before disappearing several hours after first detection. Bursts of energy and the like were emitting from the object every 20 minutes or so.

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By Kory Karmikle

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