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The bizarre story of a woman who stole her daughter’s identity will baffle even the most daring of people

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There’s crime and then there’s crime against your own blood and kin. An American woman is learning that this weekend after police emerged from an investigation that revealed she stole her daughter’s identity. According to stunned police, Laura Oglesby has been charged with stealing her daughter’s identity but the story only gets wilder from there.

Woman Stole Daughter’s Identity to Attend College, Live as 20-Something

Laura Oglesby   (Mountain View Police)

The story begins right around here. Police say that Laura plotted against her own daughter Lauren Ashleigh Hays by using her social security administration information and then attempting to alter it. Apparently Oglesby actually did manage to get; alter, and obtain the information because police say she ended up going to college as her daughter. Oddly enough, Oglesby managed to get into Southwest Baptist University as her daughter where she went to events; had boyfriends, and repeatedly passed herself off as her daugther.

Records searches on the woman revealed that she has quite the sticky history spanning multiple states including Arkansas and Missouri. A sentencing date has not yet been set.

Cops say that the ruse began in 2016 when she first applied for the social sec card under her daughters name.

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