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The Unite The Right Rally trial has started, grab the popcorn because it’s already wild

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Back in 2017 — a “rally” called Unite The Right took place in Charlottesville Virginia. The problem with that rally was that it wasn’t a rally but instead a cohort of racists who planned anything but peaceful protesting within city limits. On Thursday, the federal trial involving the rally as a whole began and it is already off to a pretty wild start.

“This is a case about violence and intimidation for these plaintiffs,” attorney Karen Dunn said in her opening statement in federal court. “They will tell you this is also a case about justice and accountability: accountability for those defendants who planned and perpetrated this violence thinking that they would get away with it.”

Dunn is representing about 9 or so community members who allege the organisers of the rally (think the worst of the worst kind of people here) who they say used the guise of a rally but instead wanted to incite racial violence. Racial violence that they argue was meant to sow discord and problems within their community.


Some of the defendants in the case are some pretty recognizable faces in the racist community. Richard Spencer; Jason Kessler, and Christopher Cantwell are just some of the reported 14 defendants in the case. The problem with the case is that the plaintiffs must show that the defendants and their right-wing cohorts actually conspired to unleash racial violence against those that they felt threatened their whiteness. But they plan to do just that according to several reports whereas it is understood that several leaked conversations show exactly that.

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“Evidence is going to show you that many of the defendants were key players in the white nationalist movement,” Dunn said in her opening remarks. “Evidence will show that many of the defendants wanted to build a white ethnostate, a country only for white people, and that it could only occur after a violent race war. The evidence is going to show they wanted to build an army of white nationalists for what they themselves named the ‘battle of Charlottesville.’”

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By Timothy Jenkins

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