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BREAKING: Remains found in Wyoming ARE that of Gabby Petito, missing persons is now a homicide case

Police officials along with coroners office officials have confirmed as of today that Petito’s body has fully been identified. According to reports, the cause of death has been ruled a homicide with prime suspect Mr Laundrie still at large. The FBI now says that further inspections of Laundrie’s life are well underway. Hours ago 911 audio was released online which confirmed suspicions that Laundrie had assaulted Petito before she disappeared. It is not yet known exactly what happened or how she died only the manner of death which is homicide. That dispute reportedly happened while they were on their way towards the national park in the area.
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What does a rogue casino look like?

Over the last few decades there have been many legislative advances made by governments around the world when it comes to gambling, and a great example of this is with the UK Gambling Act 2005, where the UK Gambling Commission was formed.  Rogue casinos are dangerous because they can pose a very real financial risk to gamblers operating on the platform. But here’s the thing: what do they look like? Keep reading for a background on how to spot rogue casinos or check out top titles found at Cozino.  Rogue casinos: Common things to look out for  Luckily because of all the legal framework in place these days it is fairly difficult for a rogue casino to masquerade as a legitimate casino for too long. There are lots of rules in place, you see, and it can be quite obvious...
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No Deposit Bingo: Is it legal in the UK in 2021?

No Deposit Bingo, a term that refers to the free bingo credits that a player receives after signing up for a new account on a bingo platform such as Barbadosbingo.com and before making a deposit. These bingo credits can later be used to access the free bingo games on that particular platform. Almost all prominent online bingo brands offer these free credits to attract more players to their platform. So the question that arises here is whether it is legal to use free games to lure players towards gambling, especially in the UK, where the gambling laws are stringent. And secondly, is it legal to utilize these free credits by the players? Well, the answer to both the aforecited questions is yes; it is entirely legal to offer and use the No Deposit bingo credits. What Makes No De...

Scamathon: Karen Civil ‘s misdeeds allegedly involve scamming children in Haiti + $$ from a popular non-profit

Karen Civil's scammy misdeeds are apparently a corner of the internet that knows no bounds. According to a wild thread on Twitter, Civil has now been accused of scamming yet another person but this time an actual non-profit organisation that helps people in Haiti and children. In the thread, it is alleged that Civil apparently and joined a non-profit group that had intended to build a playground of sorts in Haiti for locals in the area. We have to warn you the thread is pretty extensive and paints an even darker image of the marketing strategist who has long painted herself as an angelic business figure. https://twitter.com/MelissahPrato/status/1439644384950095878?s=20 But then there's this. An eagle eyed reader pointed us towards Prato 's thread, though, it appears o...

America is easing travel restrictions, including for the U.K here’s everything you need to know

Good news for vaxxed travelers hoping to safely (to the best of their ability that is) travel this holiday season to see loved ones most haven't seen in roughly 1.5 years. According to the Department of State in America, the U.S is formally removing some of its travel restrictions though you can expect to show proof of vaccination at any and all access points (including air.) America won't actually require vax proof until it goes into play in November but travelers can also expect to have to give their contact information to airlines to facilitate contact tracing. Please remember if you are flying into America that you should always wear your mask and carry hand sanitiser. The Coronavirus has become politicised in the United States unlike other places -- leaving millions unvaccina...
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Man who inspired Hotel Rwanda found guilty on nearly all possible terrorism charges

Paul Rusesabagina, the infamous man who inspired the iconic film Hotel Rwanda, has been found guilty on nearly every single terrorism-related charge the Rwandan government has brought against him. According to CNN, he was first arrested just shy of about 3 years ago. Over the course of the hearing this week, the judge presiding over the case made it clear the court will and has not stood for his crimes. "The court also finds that they were in this group very aware that they were committing terror acts, they wanted the terror acts committed and this is evidenced by the work that they committed while in that political party. They formed FLN which is an illegal armed group, which attacked Rwanda in 2018 and 2019 and even after that they bragged about it in different announcements and...

Autopsy on remains believed to be Gabby Petito to be performed this week

Gabby Petito 's missing persons case is now believed to be that of a likely homicide. Over the weekend, police and FBI officials in Wyoming discovered remains "consistent" with that of a description of Petito in a national forest just days after she disappeared. Officials now say that an autopsy is expected this week with family members having already been notified. Police confirmed last night that the body was found in Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area in Bridger-Teton National Forest. We're following this story and will share more as the autopsy results are released later this week.

As #KarenCivil ‘s saga deepens, her past scandals are coming to light

Karen Civil the media maven from the naughties has made headlines this weekend amid claims that she swiped $60,000 from a rapper who apparentlly knew no better. That rapper has been identified as Joyner Lucas, who says Civil scammed him out of $60k under a contract that he says she never fully fulfilled dating back to 2015. As evidenced in many tweets, Lucas made several prior attempts to get the contract honoured but they were never honoured by Civil. In case it couldn’t get any worse — Lucs shared an actual contract signed by Civil who confirmed she’d perform the actions but he says she never did. Civil has since denied the allegatios in statement to The Shade Room of all possible blogs. UPDATE: Karen Civil has since been accused in a wild Twitter thread (with tons o...
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Gabby Petito: Body matching description found in Wyoming park as manhunt for estranged boyfriend expands

The disappearance of Gabby Petito has taken a dramatic turn. According to reports, a body matching the description of the young woman has reportedly been found. The prime suspect in her disappearance is that of her boyfriend Brian Laundrie who is currently wanted. Laundrie is understood to have disappeared earlier this week after having refused to cooperate with police. Police say that the body was discovered inside of the Bridgerteton National Forest. According to the FBI as of today, a full forensic ID is to be expected although could take a few days. Despite the lack of the forensic analysis so far, it is widely believed that the remains are hers. "We continue to seek information from anyone who utilized the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area between the dates of...

Swiper No Swiping: Media darling Karen Civil might be a kleptomaniac — AM Buzz

Media maven Karen Civil is making headlines this weekend for what appear to be longstanding reasons. According to Joyner Lucas, the once lauded media maven allegedly stole $60k from Lucas dating back as far as 2015. Now if you recall that is around when Civil first really blew up big time online. In Lucas’s revealing complaint on Twitter, he revealed that the reported scam took place through a contract infraction. Images posted online revealed that Civil sent Joyner a contract stating the services she’d provide. Though despite the contract, Joyner says Civil never actually performed some or all of the services but still took his money. To make matters worse for the US personality this isn’t actually the first time she’s been accused of stealing from someone else. Dating ba...
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Scientists are now saying alien life is more probable than ever, here’s why

In the last year alone, we’ve learned so much about the earth and the planets that encompass our universe and galaxy. Scientists, however, now say that our very galaxy and universe probably exists for various forms of life. A new pressing argument has emerged and one that could prove to have consequences. Lead scientists of the study revealed that there are elements required for life obviously floating around space. In that argument, scientists count the fact that they’re confident in their previous discovery that there are probably about 100 times more life encouraging molecules floating around up there. A bit of internet research found that our solar system contains roughly 400 billion or so stars within its galaxy. 100x more in terms of life baring molecules makes the p...
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Despite their claims otherwise the Taliban aren’t actually treating women and girls with fairness

Contrary to the reported softer image they're seeking to portray to the world the Taliban has allegedly been anything but. The Taliban initially claimed that women and girls would be able to return to class and their posts as teachers although that lasted about a week. This particular bit of information comes just days after it was announced that women would not be allowed to return to work either with men replacing them in most departments and buildings nationwide. As the weekend kicked off, Taliban insurgents announced that only boys could return to school and their teaching posts while females could not. The move in fact makes Afghanistan once again the only country on earth to have such a mandate barring females from school. It has made the country a battleground yet again f...

Robert Durst has been found guilty of first degree murder

Notoriously the subject of HBO 's "The Jinx" Robert Durst will die behind bars. This week a Los Angeles jury reportedly found Durst guilty in the murder of Susan Berman his former best friend some 20 years ago. Prosecutors successfully managed to argue that Durst was unhinged and did such without much remorse. Berman disappeared and was later found dead at her Beverly Hills home the day she was due to speak to police about the prior disappearance of Kathleen McCormack Durst. McCormack Durst is the first wife of Robert, though, disappeared way back in 1982 and was never seen again. Under CA law, Durst can be sentenced due to the way he committed the crimes. Lying in wait; a firearm, and the fact that he killed the witness to a major crime at the time. "The jury's decision...
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Bolsonaro won’t acknowledge NYC ‘s vax mandate during UN General Assembly

If there is one thing that Bolsonaro is good for that is being consistent in his hatred for science and general common sense. On Tuesday, the Brazilian leader is expected to address the United Nations Assembly in New York City though intends to break the law doing so. While the UN Headquarters are considered international territory, er, the event still takes place in New York City where such vaccination requirements are actually mandatory. According to Reuters,UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres confirmed despite the flack that Bolsonaro cannot actually be legally removed from the headquarters as American laws don't fully apply on the inside. The crackpot leader is expected to draw much ire from NYC as most people including the rich and famous are all wearing masks and followi...

White House offers vaccine facts to Minaj in the midst of bitter feud over misinformation spread by Nicki ‘s Twitter account

Nicki Minaj is finding herself on the defense after a series of tweets appeared to imply or suggest that the COVID-19 vaccines somehow cause enlarged testicles in men. Of course, as many of you know, that is not actually true and it is unclear how she actually came to that conclusion. Let's begin. According to reports the problem initially began after Minaj took to Twitter openly claiming that her cousin in Trinidad somehow ended up with enlarged testicles after receiving the vaccine. As a result of that claim, Minaj ended up on television shows across the spectrum widely criticised for spreading what is very much obvious misinformation. At one point the government of Trinidad even got involved with one minister confirming that they were bombarded by requests to confirm the valid...

Josh Johnson Announces 9/30 Release of ‘Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag)’ LP via Comedy Central Records || Shares “Fallin”

SHARE "FALLIN (WITH GROOVEBOX & JESSE CALE)" VIA YOUTUBE  New York, NY (September 16, 2021) - Daily Show writer, comedian, and artist Josh Johnson has shared "Fallin (With Groovebox & Jesse Cale)," the original work that bookends Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag), out September 30 via Comedy Central Records.    "In a special about the world feeling like it's in free fall, and a year that saw me plunged even deeper into the grip of an online rat race to belong and get attention, 'Fallin' is the perfect theme song," says Johnson. "It's about comparison and connection, about letting go without being gone and taking time to catch yourself. It was co-written by me and Groovebox, who lends his incredible vocals with a feature from Jesse Cale."  Vulture named # (Hash...
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