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A popular influencer  Miss Mercedes Moor died in an apparent murder-suicide: Cops
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A popular influencer Miss Mercedes Moor died in an apparent murder-suicide: Cops

Janae Gagnier, better known to her 2m followers on IG as Miss Mercedes Moor, was found dead this week in a reported murder-suicide by police. According to Buzzfeed News, Moor was found dead at an apartment complex identified as the Courtland Apartments where a man's body was also found at the scene. Details of the reported murder-suicide are murky as of this writing. Their bodies were found at the Courtland in Richmond (TX) according to multiple reports and local police officials. Gagnier had amassed a major following and several celebrities were in her inner circles.
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Mike Richards has been fired from Jeopardy (a 2nd time)

That in part is because he wasn't just a host but rather also an executive producer. Just a short time after it was announced that the bewildered T.V almost host would fill in on Jeopardy, er, everything has quite literally come crashing down. According to reports, the fallout from Richards' scandal and his previous comments surrounding women and Jewish people had simply gone too far. CNN reports of an email that was delivered to people on set which informed them that the show could not endure the lasting backlash currently following Richards from his previous departure. It appears a Sony executive will temporarily take his place.
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Lake Tahoe, if the fires get any worse, is poised to fall to climate change

Lake Tahoe perhaps one of California 's treasured tourist spots is under siege by raging wildfires. According to local officials and reports, the area near the CA-Nevada border is struggling with an onslaught of fires amid a deadly battle against climate change. You’ve got this potential for it to really start jumping from building to building to building," one fire scientist tells the Los Angeles Times. These wild fires are only a small few compared to the many currently burning through much of the West Coast.

New Coronavirus variant found in South Africa understood to be making waves in fight against the pandemic

A new report out by Reuters highlights a potentially worrisome new feat. According to the report, a new variant of the Coronavirus has been discovered. Officials have reportedly identified the variant as the C.1.2 variant and it is understood to have been found in South Africa as early as May. According to other reports, see here, the variant so far has been discovered in England, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, New Zealand, Portugal, and Switzerland. The variants are spreading rapidly in some parts of the world due to limited vaccine status across multiple regions. Scientists have identified areas of "concern" regarding multiple mutations within the variant of discovery.
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U.S Embassy in Afghanistan is now closed as America abandons country for good as all troops have left the country

But that just means that the embassy has moved across countrie(s) to that of Qatar. According to reports, the U.S embassy officially shut its doors tonight after America ended its rescue mission a day early ahead of Taliban rule. U.S Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced at the same time that the U.S will maintain a presence just not directly in Afghanistan. Earlier in the evening, the last known American soldier boarded for a flight out of the country after more than 20 years of a war that should've never been. The state department has also confirmed that at least 200 known Americans remain in the country. It is unclear what will happen to them as the Taliban are scheduled to take over the country officially tomorrow.
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Big News: iPhone 13 devices are poised to be satellite phones that allow users to maintain service even when “out of area”

In a big change to the idea of an earth like cellphone, Apple 's next flagship phone is slated to reportedly be a satellite phone. According to multiple reputable Apple-news websites, the firm is releasing the iphone 13 with a chip that allows it to maintain low-orbit communications even when a person is no where near a tower (think the boonies perhaps or somewhere you have no business stopping while on the road.) Macrumours reports that the company is hoping that phone and some of the expected changes are or will be a hit for the company.
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Mollie Tibbett ‘s killer has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole

Mollie Tibbett 's killer Cristhian Bahena Rivera has finally learned his fate. Judge Joel Yates revealed during today's hearing in Iowa that Rivera in fact will die behind bars for his murder charge. Rivera was previously convicted in the unwarranted and vicious murder of Tibbett 's which rocked American headlines for months at the time. "You, and you alone, forever changed the lives of those who loved Mollie Tibbetts," the judge said "And for that, you and you alone will receive the following sentence." He was reportedly ordered into immediate state custody where he will spend his remaining time on earth. Rivera is understood to be an undocumented farmworker from Mexico. On top of his life sentence he is expected to pay Tibbett 's family $150,000 in restitution.
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A partially automated Tesla vehicle struck a police car sparking further discussion about the use of such cars

Tesla 's autopilot feature has long been in th enews over the past year. Amid dozens of reports of drivers misuing th program, the program is once again in the news this time in Florida. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the 27-year-old driver of the Tesla reportedly had the system partially engaged when he crashed into a highway patrol officer. The officer was reportedly on their way to help a disabled vehicle while riding along a local highway. Per officer reports, the Tesla crashed into the left side of the vehicle but neither the driver or the officer were actually injured in the crash. It has sparked a wider discussion of sorts in an already murky discussion about the use of smart and AI technology leaving tasks like driving to a computer.
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America must explain why it left behind biometric computers that the Taliban is now using to hunt those who helped the west

A stunning new report out Friday has revealed that an obscene number of biometric data devices left behind by the Americans is assisting the Taliban. According to report, the American government reportedly left behind a vast network of data devices and military computers that appear to contain biometric data for local Afghans they helped create in a database. Because they left these kinds of things behind it is their moral obligation to save as many as they can before the Taliban gets violent. Each of the devices appear to have landed in the hands of a top secret offprint of the Taliban tasked with hunting down any and everything that assisted western forces. According to separate reports, this group is known as Al-Isha and they’re considered to be armed and dangerous. News...

R. Kelly told a 17-year-old girl he should be able to have sex with very young girls because he’s a “genius”

One thing is for cerain about R. Kelly ‘s trial and that is the fact that it is exposing just how much of a monster Kelly really was. A monster disguised as a music icon who knowingly abused his vast influence and power to overpower young girls and women for his own cruel abusive benefit. In the latest update to come out of R. Kelly ‘s trial, a 17-year-old “Jane Doe” revealed to the court system that R. Kelly once told her that he should be able to have sex with “young girls” simply because he is a certified genius. The woman only idenitifed using a moniker “Stephanie” is now 39 years old and is the third woman to testify damning allegations against the fallen singer. “He mentioned that he likes very young girls and that people make such a big deal of it. ‘Even look at Jerry Lee ...

America ‘s eviction ban has been overturned again, here’s what you need to know right now

America ‘s eviction ban once again has been struck down sending nearly 11m Americans into worries that they could lose their homes because big money trumps morality. On Friday, the SCOTUS confirmed in an 8-page ruling that the CDC ‘s move to extend the ban by 60 days earlier this month was overstepping essentially their legal authority. The move now puts an estimated 11m Americans or more at immediate risk of losing their homes because landlords have won again. In the ruling, landlords claimed that they could no longer house people for free simply because they were losing out on funds. It’s worth noting that they’re not losing out of funds as the government has laid out billions in rent relief that have in most states not even made it to renters yet. U.S Congress has authoriz...
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Another terrorist attack on Kabul ‘s troubled airport may loom: Officials

Americans officials are out today with a very troubling version of events that should have people talking. According to reports, White House officials have informed Joe Biden that a 2nd attack on the airport is probably likely. The ttacks are presumed to be coming from the ISIS-K group. ISIS-K is an offshoot of you guessed it the original ISIS group that has long sought to inflict terror around the world. This development comes amid the backdrop of claims that Joe Biden is preparing a lethal response inside Afghanistan. Biden pledged earlier this week to respond with lethal force following the airport attack that killed several U.S service members of the armed forces.
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China is cracking down again on celebrities as it seeks to tighten its dystopian control over mankind

Chinese officials apparently have an office of “cyberspace affairs” where they attempt to control parts of the internet that is proving to be difficult even for one of the world’s most abusive governments. According to state broadcaster CCTV announced a crack down on celeb and fan culture. Perhaps one of the earliest shining examples of the new crackdown is the removal of one Zhao Wei. It is actually unclear why Wei was among the initial targeted because it doesn’t appear she had actually done anything wrong. On the other end of the spectrum, multiple Chinese websites carrying “ranking” websites where they rank popular celebrities must also be removed. Officials claim that the move comes to regulate an increasingly productive celeb and fan culture, though, critics say it is t...
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The Taliban is now on the offensive that they nor Osama Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11

A shocking and eye-opening new statement from the Taliban is catching headlines around the world. In an interview with NBC News, the de-facto rulers of Afghanistan (and also bonified terrorists we’re going to make it a point to continuously point out that they’re criminals) told the network that they firmly don’t believe they or Bin Laden attacked America. The group ‘s spokesman further told the outlet that the Americans “used” the idea of Bin Laden being behind the attacks as means to further their own agenda inside Afghanistan. When Osama bin Laden became an issue for the Americans, he was in Afghanistan," says Mujahid. "There was no justification for this war. It was an excuse for war." NBC also notes that the relationship between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda is being called ...
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Porn actor Ron Jeremy has been charged with more than 30 counts of sexual assault

Ron Jeremy perhaps one name that has become synonmous with everything wrong with previous decades in pornography is back in the headlines. Earlier this year, Jeremy was notably accused of and later charged with multiple counts of sexual assault after a series of women came forth. Over the summer, however, the number of women dramatically rose signaling a far wider problem than previously known. It brought an end to Jeremy ‘s public life and what was left of his dwindling career. Wednesday brought an end to Jeremy ‘s trial, so far, because he was found guilty on 30 counts of sexually assaulting 21 women over the course of two decades whilst having actively worked in and out of pornography studioes. His arrest and downfall began in June 2020 when the initial allegations surface...
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Americans have been told to avoid Kabul ‘s airport as terror level in area rises

Leaving more than 1.5k people reportedly stranded in the terror straddled region. According to the White House and multiple media reports, Joe Biden ‘s administration has informed Americans in the area to avoid the airport out of fear that the Taliban is going back on their word despite the image that they’re portraying. https://twitter.com/travisakers/status/1430672036112838661?s=21 The threats are reportedly understood to be coming from potential terror threats from groups like ISIS. With a terrorist organisation now in control of Afghanistan, it is understood that intelligence services in multiple nations are tracking the growth of offshoot groups looking to take advantage of the situation.
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