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Political donor Ed Buck has been found guilty in at least 2 deaths of innocent Black men that he illegally drugged in his home

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Ed Buck the now infamous and very creepy Democratic political donor has been found guilty on all 9 counts related to the deaths and subsequent homicides of two Black men that took place in his home. It is, however, worth noting that they weren’t at all your typical deaths in almost any shape or manner. It was widely previously reported that Buck had a fetish for what is known as “Party & Play” (in some communities, particularly the gay community in this sense, party and play is a popularized term for drug use during sexual activity.)

The charges of possessing controlled substances which there are at least two of them carry 20 years each. Not including the charges for their deaths; assaults, and non-consensual recordings — Ed Buck is expected to die in federal prison. He will be charged separately on the federal charges.

Prosecutors initially made it clear that they believed that Buck unlawfully lured Gemmel Moore, 26, and Timothy Dean, 55 to their deaths but first had coerced them into heavy sexual activity inside of his Hollywood California apartment. An apartment that officials say Buck used as his “den” and often woould have prescription and other illegal controlled substances available for use.

Both men died while in Buck ‘s home though he is understood to have never sought proper care or attention to any problems that arose for the two men. In court during his trial, it was later revealed that Ed Buck maintained a vast library of at least 1,500 videos of himself drugging and raping men. It is understood that Buck generally targeted middle-aged to young men; usually of ethnic or Black descent, and often would target the vulnerable.

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