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U.S officials are growing increasingly concerned over the rise of the Indian COVID variant dominating much of the world

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The Indian COVID variant is in fact one of the most dominant in the world including here in the U.K. Officials in numerous places have reported a rise in cases — some of them dramatically among people who have been fully vaccinated. According to multiple reports & experts, many are worried that the variant could become the dominant strain within a week in the U.S — especially considering that vaccination rates in the U.S are dramatically falling.

‘When will B.1.617.2 (Delta) be the dominant variant in the US? Could be next week (or next 2 weeks) based on trends in our testing data & sequences available,’ researcher Alexandre Bolze wrote on Twitter Thursday. 


As of this writing, the “Delta” variant as it is formally known makes up about 10% of cases in the United States. If it goes any higher — the United States likely will have a U.K type situation on its hands and it won’t end well for anyone.

In the U.K alone, the number of cases related to the Delta strain have risen more than 109% in a single week alone. It is unclear at this time though lockdown laws may be extended by another month if the outbreak isn’t gotten under control soon.

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