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Israel officially has a new Prime Minister, here’s everything you need to know

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Benjamin Netanyahu has lost his grip on power and has been booted from government. According to Israeli media reports, Naftali Bennett is Israel ‘s new Prime Minister.

Bennett is as understood the country’s first Arab dominant government to serve in the Israeli government. With the help of their barely there marginal lead (sans 1 vote) — Bennett ‘s government secured its vote of confidence over the weekend thereby ending Netanyahu ‘s reign of terror for good.

“Twice in history, we have lost our national home precisely because the leaders of the generation were not able to sit with one and another and compromise. Each was right, yet with all their being right, they burnt the house down on top of us,” Bennett said per CNN “I am proud of the ability to sit together with people with very different views from my own.”

The new incoming party is largely right-wing.

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