Bill Cosby is to be freed from prison today

Bill Cosby is to be freed from prison today

Previously convicted Bill Cosby is now a free man. According to the state of Pennsylvania and its highest court, the former legendary comedian is set to be released from prison tonight after the discovery of a secret deal that prosecutors had made with him. The deal appears to be credible as a judge has now ruled that his case and sentence be immediately vacated and cannot be brought against him in the future.

According to what is understood, the agreement comes from former Montgomery County official Brian Caster who forced Cosby into a deposition in 2005. In exchange for going into that deposition, prosecutors at the time agreed to never levy charges against Cosby no matter the odds of what was discovered against him.

PA ‘s Supreme Court ultimately ruled that by the refusal of Castor ‘s successors to follow suit that Cosby was deprived of his 5th amendment rights.

“D.A. Castor’s successors did not feel bound by his decision, and decided to prosecute Cosby notwithstanding that prior undertaking,” the judgment reads. “The fruits of Cosby’s reliance upon D.A. Castor’s decision Cosby’s sworn inculpatory testimony were then used by D.A. Castor’s successors against Cosby at Cosby’s criminal trial.”



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