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A man has died in the Bronx after a violent crash involving his electric scooter

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New York City has seen yet another death at the hands of an electric scooter. According to reports, a Bronx man died over the weekend after violently crashing his electric scooter into an Amazon truck inside the borough. As of late, this is one of many yet major accidents involving the now popular motorized scooters.

The unidentified 22-year-old’s death is likely to cause an even larger discussion this week as the city grapples with an unprecedented rise in scooter and e-bike ownership. The Coronavirus pandemic is in part to blame for the rise among those who don’t operate cars but would rather use scooters and bikes than the subway system.

Real estate broker Kelly Killian, 54, was killed after she was struck by a deliveryman on an e-bike in Astoria, Queens on May 28. 

Hing Chung, 71, died just days after he was struck by an e-bike and suffered head trauma on April 17 in the Upper West Side.

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