Month: June 2021

Fresh News

Tuition for Yale drama school is now FREE

Major players have now made it possible. According to Yale, its drama school is now tuition free thanks to a $150m donation from none other than David Geffen. Geffen who made his mark largely in music made the massive donation to change the course of careers and education in the American system. The school expects that the massive donation will indefinitely remove the burden of tuition forever. Tuition changes will be removed beginning the fall.
Fresh News

Bill Cosby is to be freed from prison today

Previously convicted Bill Cosby is now a free man. According to the state of Pennsylvania and its highest court, the former legendary comedian is set to be released from prison tonight after the discovery of a secret deal that prosecutors had made with him. The deal appears to be credible as a judge has now ruled that his case and sentence be immediately vacated and cannot be brought against him in the future. According to what is understood, the agreement comes from former Montgomery County official Brian Caster who forced Cosby into a deposition in 2005. In exchange for going into that deposition, prosecutors at the time agreed to never levy charges against Cosby no matter the odds of what was discovered against him. PA 's Supreme Court ultimately ruled that by the refusa...
Fresh News

She’s back! Britney Spears takes on the paparazzi as she heads on holiday to Maui amid conservatorship row with estranged father Jamie

Pop princess Britney Spears is back and probably for good this time. In a new Instagram post, Spears confirmed that she is in fact in Maui with her boyfriend Sam on holiday though is fairly annoyed that the paparazzi found out before she even managed to get there. “The paps know where I am and it’s really not fun,” the pop star, who is holidaying in Hawaii with her boyfriend Sam Asghari, wrote Tuesday. “It’s pretty hard going anywhere cause these silly faces keep popping up to take my picture,” she wrote, accusing the photographers of distorting images of herself. “I know my body is not perfect but I definitely do NOT look like how they portray me,” the singer concluded. “It’s rude and it’s mean so paps kindly FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF.”

The Weeknd is set to star in an HBO series called ‘The Idol’

Masks may come back in parts of the world and parts of the United States but that doesn't mean everyone will comply. According to Rap-Up, the singer will appear in the series co-written by that same folks who created Euphoria. The series stars a female pop star who gets entangled with a club owner who is secretly a cult leader. https://twitter.com/theweeknd/status/1410010701729386496?s=20
Fresh News

North Korea facing major crisis amid COVID devastation in remote hermit kingdom

Political tensions are reportedly large in North Korea against little known reports that the country my be in dire straits. During a recent politburo meeting, dictator Kim Jong Un kicked a member of the powerful group out of its presidium because of an alleged failure to meet state and safety standards in the fight against COVID. It is understood that North Korea has far more cases of COVID-19 but has admitted to absolutely none of them. “Senior officials in charge of important state affairs neglected the implementation of the important decisions of the party on taking organizational, institutional, material, scientific and technological measures as required by the prolonged state emergency epidemic prevention campaign,” Kim said at the meeting, according to North’s official Korea...

Former Disney star Kyle Massey arrested and charged with sending explicit material to underage girls

Former actor Kyle Massey now joins an exclusive Hollywood club of alleged perverts accused of sending immortal material to underage girls. Massey in his case per TMZ has been charged with a 2018 and 2019 case related to sending materials to a 13-year-old girl. The case originally stems from a $1.5m civil suit filed against Massey in relation to the text messages he refused to stop sending. Initially it was understood to be a civil suit but Massey is allegedly broke and didn't have the money to fend off the suit. His mother openly claimed in court documents that a the material was originally sent to the girl's mother although that doesn't appear to be true. He was scheduled to appear this week in King County Superior Court to be formally arraigned but did not show.

Mo’Nique just doesn’t know when to actually shut up and that is the real problem here

Because bonnet shaming was one thing but body shaming an innocent Black woman at the airport is where the line should be drawn. THe woman who we won't identify or actually post here was featured on her Instagram in a post that claimed that women in the community should do better. Of course in typical Mo'Nique fashion the post apparently was unprovoked and "sent to her" as an example of what is going on in the community. It is unclear why Mo'Nique felt the need to use a woman's photo that was probably unaware it was taken in the first place.
U.S Crime

America has a hard on for prison this 76-year-old woman is only one of thousands of non-violent examples

America's love affair with the prison system is often so grand that nobody can quite wrap their head around why America depends on its prison system more than any other country on earth. But this week we've learned of yet another case of prison-hard-ons after a 76-year-old woman in a clerical error was sent back to federal prison for going to ... class. According to USA Today (paywall, so we won't link it), the 76-year-old woman reportedly attended a computer class on 12 June hoping to brush up on her skills now that she had been granted the right to finish her 24 year non-violent sentence for heroin possession at home. The woman was not violent and had only been caught with heroin back in the day according to reports and court records. The woman has been identified as Gwen L...
U.S Crime

AOC claims the rise in violence is nothing to worry about and is instead “hysteria”

One thing is for certain and two things are for sure AOC might be crazy and crime in places like New York City is off the charts. But according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Bronx Congresswoman known for her progressive firebrand politics --- the crime spree is nothing more than hysteria being created. Hysteria as it is unclear exactly how she came to such a conclusion. In a zoom chat with fellow Congressperson Jamal Bowman (D), AOC claimed that the problem is hysteria and that she hopes that it doesn't further turn into that almost completely downplaying all forms of crime in the city. New York City for example has seen so much crime lately -- an innocent Marine was shot in Times Square with his family among several other instances of violent crime. Perhaps unemployment; ...
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The pandemic eviction ban in America is ending next month, here’s what you need to know (like right now)

A pandemic inspired eviction ban in the United States is poised to come to an end next month but not without much public discussion. This week the United States Supreme Court ruled against a group of landlords that had hoped their ruling would cease the moratorium and allow them to move forward with waves of evictions. The court rejected the idea given that the eviction ban is set to expire next month, and, within that month states would have just enough time to allocate federally allocated monies towards eviction funds in their jurisdictions. On Tuesday, SCOTUS voted 5-4 to leave the ban in place in an effort to provide states 30 extra days to sufficiently disperse billions in emergency rental funds (granted people can actually get through the endless bureaucratic red tape.) W...

T.V star Erika Jayne is not quite out of the water in ex-hubby’s embezzlement scandal

Though she'd like to clear the air Erika Jayne isn't quite out of the water yet. According to People Magazine, the estranged wife of Tom Girardi has been ordered to turn over financial records from her landlord; accountant, and even her own legal team as the fight against Girardi reportedly heats up. As it turns out, Jayne has been targeted by creditors seeking to investigate the bankruptcy motions filed by Girardi. Initially though creditors argued that Jayne was refusing to turn over any information to them and as a result had actually sued her to force here party(s) to help them out. Motions obtained by People Magazine this week confirmed. that Michael Ullman, divorce lawyer Larry Ginsburg and landlord Benjamin Khakshour were all also targeted in the bankruptcy investigation as the...

We took a look at the Klover “cash advance” app because a reader asked about it, you should probably beware

Editors note: Klover as it is called is a finance app that as you might've guessed gifts people instant small cash loans in between pay checks. This month -- a reader from Detroit Michigan asked us to take a look at the app and determine if it was okay to use after they had discovered that it seemed a tad spammy. Our social media team did in fact take look and we have determined that you should probably avoid the app wholeheartedly. As an app, the app is eerily similar to that of Earnin and so on. The concept of the app is to "float" people small amounts of money which are automatically debited upon repayment dates set automatically at the time of the initial loan. The problem with the Klover App, (aka Klover Financial) is that it does not actually tell you that your ability to...

Los Angeles is among the cities now urging people to wear masks again as the Delta variant takes hold in America

The Delta variant has officially landed in America and it is posing a dangerous risk to the unvaccinated and in pockets even the vaccinated. According to Los Angeles officials, spikes in cases related to the Delta strain have been found higher in communities in the area. LA joins a host of other places struggling to keep up with vaccination rates as the variant has rapidly spread. Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Wyoming are reporting between 100 and 500 cases per 100,000 people over the last seven days, according to a recent report . Los Angeles is far from alone in its spike of cases related to the newest variant of the often deadly Coronavirus. Meanwhile in New York City, Mayor De Blasio has declared that New York City will not go into another lockdown even i...

How to use Affirm or Klarna to shop anywhere (even if the store doesn’t normally partner with them)

These days you've probably heard of apps like Klarna; Affirm, Quadpay and so on. When they first came out the apps were limited to a small number of stores but now largely can be used virtually anywhere. Affirm is probably the most glamorous of the apps simply because it generally gives you far larger limits than the others, though Klarna and Quadpay are quicker and more efficient for smaller purchases. Most of these shopping apps work pretty much the same way even if a store doesn't directly partner with them. The only one that a store has to partner with for it to work is actually Afterpay. Superjeweler a Manhattan jewelry store does not directly partner with the app, but using their virtual card on Affirm, one can actually purchase from them. Sign upCreate a virtual...

California has added 5 more places to its no travel list

As California ramps up its efforts to protect LGBTQ+ residents and others, the state has effectively added onto its no travel list. According to the government, the state's state-funded travel ban list now includes Arkansas, Florida, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia. This means that no public; state, or any other related funds may be used to travel to the states on said list over their laws blatantly discriminating against those on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.  Assembly Bill 1887 bars state entities from requiring employees to travel to states on the list, and bars California from approving state-funded or state-sponsored travel to those places, though exemptions do exist for things like travel that is necessary to maintain grant funding or licensure, or to protect public health. ...
UK News

Britain takes a bite out of crypto as it bans Binance ‘s UK ops

It's official. In a startling warning dated 25 June, Britain 's finance regulator announced that Finance is for the foreseeable future banned from carrying out regulated activities of any kind. In the same notice the app is regarded as a controversial app and should be questioned by consumers. Binance Markets in a statement to. Reuters denied and wrongdoing citing that they follow all appropriate laws. "We take a collaborative approach in working with regulators and we take our compliance obligations very seriously. We are actively keeping abreast of changing policies, rules and laws in this new space," a spokesperson said.
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