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White Mom charged with subjecting her adopted Black daughter to 500 unnecessary medical treatments for illnesses she didn’t have

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EDITORS NOTE: According to WebMD, Munchausen by Proxy Syndrom is defined in the following manner.

Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if they have a physical or mental illness when they are not really sick. Munchausen syndrome is considered a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties.

It’s allot more common than people may actually realize.

Court documents obtained this weekend revealed the extraordinary tale of one Sophie Hartman. Hartman, 31, reportedly subjected her adopted daughter (who she adopted from Africa) to more than 500 unnecessary medical treatments that she didn’t actually need.

In the documents, Hartman alleged that her adorable tot allegedly had Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. Though doctors found after hundreds of treatments that such wasn’t the case and had quickly grown suspicious. To make matters worse, Hartman ‘s rouse was further forced on the child after she made them wear leg braces and use wheelchairs she also didn’t need.

The case caught the attention of hospital officials after nurses began ranging the alarm. A while back, nurses determined that much of the so-called symptoms that Hartman was reporting were almost entirely undocumented with no additional witnesses. In fact, it does not appear that Hartman ever provided any form of documentation to prove the ailment claims she had long claimed the young girl had.

Local reports in Seattle via Q13 Fox found a statement from Hartman ‘s lawyer viciously denying the claims of medical child abuse.

It adds: ‘Contrary to the allegations of the King County Prosecuting Attorney, the child’s diagnosis was made by more than one doctor, is legitimate, and is based on a substantial record beyond the reports and information provided by Ms. Hartman. 

‘That record includes independent medical examinations by multiple doctors, direct observation of the child by doctors and nurses at Duke and at Seattle Children’s Hospital, standardized testing results, videotapes of the child’s symptoms, MRI, EEG and other diagnostic tests.’ 

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