Fri. May 27th, 2022

Israel’s military is playing the defensive this weekend against the revelation(s) that it unlawfully targeted a high rise building in Gaza housing media outlets. As it was widely reported on Friday, the building a 15 or so story high high-rise was destroyed by a series of pre-announced rocket attacks by the Israeli military. The building reportedly contained such outlets as the Associated Press & Al Jazeera among others.

Israel, per local reports, maintains that the building allegedly was also used by Hamas militants who they claim were using journalists as supposed cover(s) for their alleged attacks. The problem with that claim as noted by numerous other outlets including the AP is that Israel has not proven that was ever the case. Netanyahu has falsely run with that claim despite the fact that many are now demanding answers.

It’s worth also noting that under international law targeting media outlets and civilians of any kind is a violation of international law meaning once again Israel likely will find itself in trouble with the ICC. Netanyahu is already on trial for crimes against his own people and corruption within the bounds of Israel.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, Israel’s English language military leader has since claimed that the attack was a mistake (though the building was telephoned by military officials an hour before the attack.) Not many are believing reports of a mistake and are now calling for Israel to be investigated for crimes against innocent people.

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