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Texas is about to give its citizens the finger in an effort to steal the right to vote

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In Texas legislators know no bounds in their quest to stop Black and Brown people from exercising their right to vote. New legislation scheduled to make its way through the local government is just that: draconian.

Texas is no stranger to its voting laws usually aimed at limiting Black and Brown votes while exercising the votes of others. But with Senate Bill 7, the state is seeking to outlaw drive-thru voting; severely limit Sunday voting (when Black people generally tend to head to the polls especially the elderly) but it only starts there.

And it goes far deeper.

The legislation has to be approved by midnight tonight and it is universally expected to pass without much of a problem. Democrats in the state have virtually no path to stopping it, considering, the GOP rules the state with an iron fist. Democrats have already promised to challenge the bill in court considering it goes entirely left field of almost any guaranteed right to vote in the United States.

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