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Katie Sorenson, the infamous Momfluencer who racially profiled a Latino couple is facing jail time

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Last year a white influencer known as a “Momfluencer” (an otherwise online famous Mom who blogs about being a Mom) by the name of Katie Sorenson made national headlines. Sorenson at the time made headlines over claims that a Latino husband and wife couple tried to kidnap her children while in a store shopping. The problem is that such claims were false and the abduction attempt never happened.

Sorenson is perhaps one what would call a wannabe influencer who at the time apparently was seeking any reason to go viral (even if it meant hurting someone else.) Local news reports confirmed this weekend that Sorenson is now under investigation for lying to police and racially profiling an innocent couple. The couple of course has not been charged of any crime and appears to be pressing charges.

The initial claim surrounded a couple Eddie and Sadie (whose last name we’re not going to publish here.). Sorenson claimed in her own words per her video (which we also won’t share here because its all a lie) ‘My children were the targets of attempted kidnap which is such a weird thing to even vocalize but it happened and I want to share that story with you’.

Both of Sorenson ‘s charges lying to a cop and lying to a dispatcher carry each 6 months in prison.

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