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China has provided the world proof that it is alike America also currently on Mars

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China has a rover on Mars, how long before they start causing trouble in another world?

Amid initial speculation that China was somehow not telling the truth about landing its rover on Mars, China, has indeed confirmed it landed a rover on Mars. According to images released by the communist state, China ‘s rover is very much on Mars and managed to successfully land despite claims otherwise. Interestingly, many will have to wait and see whether or not the world will put up a fight determining if China can be trusted in Space.

China has long sought to beat feet to Space considering China wants recognition if anything truly actually is discovered in another world. It is unclear how China ‘s rover may interact with the American rover currently in Mars though they’re inevitably going to cross pathes.

The confirmation confirms that China is eager to beat America at all costs in exploring other worlds because the discovery of anything outer-worldly would be prolific for either country.

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