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A 2nd search warrant has been served on Maya Milete ‘s home amid the manhunt for her

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Maya Millete went missing on January 7

The Chula Vista Police Department is on a manhunt for a woman named Maya Milete. Back in January, Milete disappeared on 7 January amid reported divorce proceedings against her husband has not been seen since. This week, though, the case took a new reported turn as police served a search warrant on the home she shared with her estranged husband Larry. It is understood that at least 23 warrants have been served in connection to the disappearance of Maya Milete.

Her husband Larry reportedly stopped cooperating with police three week’s after her initial disappearance. He has since hired a lawyer and has denied all phone calls from the media.

The extent of the warrant is not quite clear at this time though cops spent roughly 2 hours inside the home searching for clues. During the search, cops also went through a vehicle but did not provide many details to the public as of yet.

It is widely believed that Milete disappeared shortly after a divorce lawyer appointment on that day though she has not been seen since.

‘We’re trying to maintain the integrity of the investigation,’ said Lt. Frank Giaime, who didn’t want to say much about the search.

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