Month: May 2021

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In stunning move, Naomi Osaka has pulled out of the French Open instead of participating in media circus

In a bid to as she says safeguard her mental health, Naomi Osaka has walked away from the French Open amid backlash over her decision to pull out of media interviews. A decision that she says she did not make lightly considering all parties appear to understand that without the media and the press sports players wouldn't get the attention that they need. On Twitter, the 23-year-old Tennis superstar announced from Paris that she would take a step back rather than complete the tournament simply because the idea of interviews was too much.  "The best thing for the tournament, the other players and my well-being is that I withdraw so that everyone can get back to focusing on the tennis going on in Paris," she wrote. "I never wanted to be a distraction and accept that my timing was no...
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Microsoft is now fining people who use imitation copies of its Windows programme

American software company Microsoft has won a first of its kind case in Spain. In Spain, a Spanish court has ruled that a woman must spend 6 months in prison for using a fake copy of Windows at an establishment she apparently worked at. Spanish authorities previously paused the case earlier this year amid the Coronavirus and several appeals by the woman. Spain's high court also ruled that the unidentified woman must also pay a $4,400 fine and pay the remaining licensing fees to Microsoft. It is the first known time that Microsoft has knowingly pursued intellectual property cases against people believed to be using the wrong version of Windows. It is unclear exactly how Microsoft came to know that such was actually the case.
TX police have thwarted a reported terror attack aimed at a Wal-Mart: Report
Fresh News

TX police have thwarted a reported terror attack aimed at a Wal-Mart: Report

Terror attacks in the United States even by domestic citizens are absolutely nothing new. In Texas, these crimes are fairly common. Coleman Thomas Blevins, 28, is in jail this holiday weekend following reports that he had secretly planned to shoot up a local Wal-Mart but had gotten caught instead. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, they received a number of phone calls and a credible tip about a message involving Blevins that he had shared about the attack. It spun out of control from there. Blevins has since been arrested on a terroristic warrant and remains in custody. When cops reportedly searched his home they found heavy guns; several rounds of ammo, and other gear that he had intended to use to carry out a mass shooting. He had already been char...
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Lemonade Insurance is insanely popular, but the app appears to have a dark secret

Lemonade Insurance is a mobile app that offers up varying kinds of insurance (life; renters, and so on) to millions of people in America. But now problems are mounting for the app as it has been revealed just how they do so and it isn't pretty. A new report out this weekend revealed that popular U.S based insurance company "Lemonade Insurance" might be misusing the fact that it is mostly A.I based and in a very bad way. The problem with Lemonade is the fact that it told on itself on how it analyzes insurance claims videos. That protocol allegedly uses only A.I to analyze videos for "signs of fraud." The revelation came directly from Lemonade Insurance on their own Twitter page which makes the controversy fairly extraordinary. Of course, backlash quickly followed after use...

Sports icon Naomi Osaka is forcing the community to come to terms with its media rules

Naomi Osaka has made it clear in the past that she values her mental health more than speaking to the media. Those comments though, and her outright refusal to do so, have the sports world up in arms particularly officials who feel she has no right to not speak to the media. The refusal came after an announcement from Osaka that confirmed she would not be giving any interviews during the coveted French Open. But the truth is most people are siding with Osaka on this one considering the pressure she is under. But according to CNN Osaka has now been find for her stance on giving media interviews at all. The fines may get bigger if Osaka doesn't address the media as she's apparently supposed to do so on a regular basis, though, it is unclear if tennis officials have made any v...
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Bibi ‘s on the Brink

Benjamin Netanyahu likely is officially and finally on his way out of Israel as his corruption and his failure as Prime Minister have helped fuel war crimes in the area (again.) The brink has arrived because of a Sunday announcement by Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett. The announce confirmed that after several failed attempts there is now a mutual agreement to form a power sharing government, effectively slapping the final days on Nentanyahu 's reign over Israel. An end to a 12 year rule marred by violence; extremism, nationalism, and often rhetoric that helped fuel racism against those he didn't like. In a nationwide conference, “It’s my intention to do my utmost in order to form a national unity government along with my friend Yair Lapid, so that, God willing, together we...
White Mom charged with subjecting her adopted Black daughter to 500 unnecessary medical treatments for illnesses she didn’t have
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White Mom charged with subjecting her adopted Black daughter to 500 unnecessary medical treatments for illnesses she didn’t have

EDITORS NOTE: According to WebMD, Munchausen by Proxy Syndrom is defined in the following manner. Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if they have a physical or mental illness when they are not really sick. Munchausen syndrome is considered a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties. It's allot more common than people may actually realize. Court documents obtained this weekend revealed the extraordinary tale of one Sophie Hartman. Hartman, 31, reportedly subjected her adopted daughter (who she adopted from Africa) to more than 500 unnecessary medical treatments that she didn't actually need. In the documents, Hartman alleged that her adorable tot allegedl...
CRIME, Gun Violence

TOP STORY: 2 people are dead and 20 others are seriously injured after a mass shooting in #Miami

Miami is reeling after a pool hall shooting appears to have caused 2 deaths (so far) and at least 20 other major injuries. Miami police say that a shooter opened fire into the crowd over the weekend. “I am at the scene of another targeted and cowardly act of gun violence, where over 20 victims were shot and 2 have sadly died,” according to a tweet from Miami-Dade Police Department Director Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez III. “These are cold-blooded murderers that shot indiscriminately into a crowd and we will seek justice. My deepest condolences to the family of the victims.” Police say that the mass shooting broke out in Miami Gardens shortly after midnight at a local concert near a pool hall. The exact cause of the shooting isn't quite known. This shooting comes just days after...
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Texas is about to give its citizens the finger in an effort to steal the right to vote

In Texas legislators know no bounds in their quest to stop Black and Brown people from exercising their right to vote. New legislation scheduled to make its way through the local government is just that: draconian. Texas is no stranger to its voting laws usually aimed at limiting Black and Brown votes while exercising the votes of others. But with Senate Bill 7, the state is seeking to outlaw drive-thru voting; severely limit Sunday voting (when Black people generally tend to head to the polls especially the elderly) but it only starts there. And it goes far deeper. The legislation has to be approved by midnight tonight and it is universally expected to pass without much of a problem. Democrats in the state have virtually no path to stopping it, considering, the GOP rules the ...
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Officials may be toying with using a little known mob law against Trump: Report

A new report out by The Huffington Post reports that Trump 's time may be dramatically dwindling. According to the Post, officials may be weighing a "Baby Rico" law that was previously enacted in an effort to fight the mob. It would the beginning of an extraordinary case considering many suspect that racketeering charges loom for Trump and his organization although it is unclear if Trump himself will see charges. “No self-respecting state white-collar prosecutor would forgo considering the enterprise corruption charge,” veteran Manhattan defense attorney Robert Anello told Politico. Racketeering is defined as at least one of 35 crimes that range from fraud to kidnapping and as far as murder. They mostly focus around the idea of enterprise corruption for financial gain.

A startling new twist in the hunt to understand where COVID-19 came from and why

Known as "Patient Su" an accidental leak to a Chinese medical journal has shed light on previously unknown factoids about the virus. It is understood that a 61-year-old woman was infected long before China ever said she was. A humungous error caught by a Chinese medical journal has revealed that the Chinese government may have been keeping a huge secret all along. The not yet identified woman is believed to have been infected with COVID-19 at least 3 weeks to a whole month prior to China actually acknowledging the virus to anyone. It lays bare the idea that many suspect that China has been hiding news of the virus since it began. The development comes from an interview given to the Chinese medical journal whereas it was acknowledged that China knew about a suspected COVID-19...

American Airlines suspends booze even further after Southwest Airlines altercation

Travelers will have to endure flights without their favorite booze just a bit longer. According to CNN, American Airlines is joining a chorus of U.S airline officials and actual airlines suspending booze following what happened on Southwest Airlines. "Flight attendants are on the front lines every day not only ensuring our customers' safety, but are also calming fears, answering questions, and enforcing policies like federally-required face masks," said Brady Byrnes, managing director of flight service at American, in a memo to flight attendants obtained by CNN. "Over the past week we've seen some of these stressors create deeply disturbing situations on board aircraft," the memo said. "Let me be clear: American Airlines will not tolerate assault or mistreatment of our crews."

Report: Study appears to have found that the Chinese government enginered COVID-19 from a Wuhan lab

Editors Note: The following study mentioned in this story is an authentic study that is set to be published formally in the coming weeks. It comes against the backdrop of multiple nations readying their own investigations into whether or not China fully did weaponize the origins of COVID-19 and how they can stop it. Against the backdrop of claims that COVID-19 is not naturally occurring, an extraordinary new study claims that China bioengineered the virus from a Wuhan lab. The study set to be published sometime next month was first reported by Daily Mail, who managed to get their hands on the study from a UK researcher who took part in the study itself. It is now being alleged that the $600k grant from America may have been unlawfully used as part of what is called Gain of Funct...
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Parts of Australia are now on lockdown after a man reported a positive test for the Indian variant of COVID-19

In the past 6 months or so, COVID-19 has escaped Australia ‘s strict border lockdowns more than 17 times. Now 26 more cases of the deadly Indian variant of the virus have been reported. Australia is now grappling with what they’re calling yet another outbreak of COVID-19. According to Australian officials in Victoria and Melbourne, 5m+ people are now back under lockdown orders after an outbreak of the Indian variant was traced back to a man in his 30’s. Researchers and officials say that the man is believed to have caught the Indian variant after having picked up food just hours after having been released from a quarantine hotel. The first patient reportedly was quarantining at the Playford Hotel in the area. Locals are not at all thrilled and many are wondering if the lockdo...
Kill Mom Lori Vallow has been found unfit to stand trial for murdering her children

Kill Mom Lori Vallow has been found unfit to stand trial for murdering her children

Rightfully having earned the nickname “Cult Mom” Lori Vallow will not (at least right now) stand trial for the double murder of her children. A document filed in court has revealed she has been deemed incompetent. It is unclear where Chad Daybell stands until June. Documents filed in the Fremont County courthouse in Idaho have revealed today that Cult Mom Lori Vallow is in fact allegedly suffering from psychiatric illnesses. According to the document and the judge (who filed such under deal), Vallow underwent multiple tests and it was found that she is suffering from a few issues. It adds yet another twist to an already complicated case that has dominated international headlines. Vallow ‘s fling Chad Daybell is also preparing to face his own trial on 9 June during a hea...
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A flight attendant ‘s violent altercation caught on video has ignited a larger discussion about airline safety

In a post pandemic world (almost), airline safety should be the next big discussion against the backdrop of vigilantes and conspiracy theories abound. An American flight attendant has found this out the hard way. Southwest Airlines is the latest American airline to find itself grappling with rising in-sky violence (if that sounded terrifying that's because it is nobody should be violent 35,000 feet in the air.) Between April and May alone, there were actually hundreds of major incidents on board Southwest owned planes -- a problem that airlines are finding that is becoming all too customary for being so high off the ground. On Saturday, a SW attendant was attacked mid-flight after a customer refused to follow some pretty basic flight instructions (tray up; bag under the chair tha...
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