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Monday Mix: More on the Fedex killer; America under siege, and more

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It’s Monday morning which means grab your coffee and dig in. In this morning mix, we’ve got quite a few headlines to share with you today that took place over the weekend. As we generally like to remind our readers these days, please be safe out there wherever you are to the best of your ability.

  1. The creepy white guy Brandon Hole alike many others apparently suffered from significant mental illness.

A report published online revealed that Brandon Scott Hole apparently suffered from mental illness and obsession with My Little Pony leading up to the Fedex massacre. It has also been revealed that despite being investigated by the FBI and having a gun confiscated he managed to legally buy two more. [Click here.]

2. A mass shooting in Austin Texas appears to have taken place over the weekend.

While information appears to be fairly limited at this time at least 3 are dead in Austin TX after a gunman opened fire and fled. The gunman has not been apprehended as of this writing. Per police the shooter is a former Travis County Sheriff ‘s office detective who has been charged with sexually abusing a child in the area. The shooter ‘s name is Stephen Broderick.

3. Rep Maxine Waters went viral over the weekend after telling protesters to “get more confrontational.”

Words that appear to have ignited calls for her resignation from Congress though that appears highly unlikely as of this time. Waters is an outspoken critic of the right-wing establishment which is in dire straits these days.

4. Our hearts go out to those in Kenosha Wisconsin.

A city already on edge after what happened with white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse has been hit again. Over the weekend, a now apprehended suspect opened fire on the Somers Tavern in Kenosha killing multiple people. Police say the shooting occurred because he was asked to leave the establishment and didn’t want to do so.

5. Our hearts also go out to those in Shreveport Louisiana where 5 are in critical condition after a gunman opened fire on a liquor store.

Shreveport police are investigating a mass shooting that occurred at a liquor store in the area. It is unclear where the investigation is as of this writing. It comes just hours after a violent surge in America with scores killed this week alone.

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