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Marxist BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors is getting big $$ from big tech

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And that money is allegedly causing the firms to block articles that are critical of her and her lavish spending sprees that come on the back of projects and associations with the BLM movement. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Cullors went on a luxurious spending spree buying numerous high-end homes. Those purchases set off a wave of criticism considering much of Cullors wealth is believed to have come from her “activism” in association with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cullors claimed in multiple social media messages at the time that criticisms of her purchases were “racist” though nobody had actually mentioned her skin color at the time. Criticisms largely stemmed from the fact that alike many before her, it had appeared in more ways than one that Cullors was directly profiting off of the rise of BLM and doing so in a bad light.

The controversy first erupted after social media sites began blocking sites that reported on Cullors massive real estate portfolio. A portfolio which saw quite a few purchases at the height of BLM protests across the United States last year and even up until recently. Many did not take well to the idea that while the streets burned; protests raged, and others fought for themselves — Cullors was lapping up the funds and buying homes.

Multiple reports now show that everybody from Facebook; to Reed Hasting’s wife (Netflix), Twitter (Jack Dorsey) and more have donated millions to Cullors various “social activism” groups that she has across the United States. Amounts vary from as small as $250,000 to $5.5m over the course of several years dating back to 2017.

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