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India ‘s death toll from COVID-19 has surged beyond 200,000 and counting: Reports

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India ‘s COVID nightmare is only getting worse at the hands of an inept government who failed to serve its people.

According to the latest numbers, 3,293 deaths were recorded today bringing the total well past 200,000.

Per official stats, 360,960 cases were recorded today alone yet another wild record for a country ravaged by the deadly virus.

New Delhi officials are starting their mid-week with a horrific scene as authorities are forced to begin converting public places of gathering to death burial sites. Reports show that authorities are also reportedly converting dog burial and cremation sites into sites that can handle that oof human remains. One man has already learned the hard way amid reports that he was filmed carrying his dead wife miles across town after she had died from COVID but there was no where to bury her.

Neighboring countries like Nepal are also reporting significant spikes in cases amid worris that the Indian variant is spreading outside of the massive country. The Indian variant is believed to allegedly be far more deadly than other known variants. Coupled with a poor response from Modi ‘s government India is suffering.

The tolls come as local newspaper investigations revealed this week that the government may be concealing the true nature of the death toll. Some local newspapers have placed the toll as much as five times higher than what is known publicly at this time.

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