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#DerekChauvin has been found guilty on all charges, here’s what you need to know

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Killer cop Derek Chauvin (whose existence is effectively over) has been found guilty on all charges related to the murder of George Floyd. On Tuesday, a jury unanimously found Chauvin guilty of outright negligence and murder.

As of this morning, Chauvin has been moved to jail where he will spend his time until he decides whether or not to appeal. It is almost certain that Chauvin ‘s attorneys will appeal the ruling and the verdict as Chauvin has now been convicted.

There are varying potential lengths of time Chauvin will spend in prison. Each of the varying charges carries as small as ten years up to a maximum of 40 years in prison. Though under Minnesota law, it is unclear if local law is being followed and Chauvin will actually spend time for each charge.

We’ll be exploring the potential prison sentences as we head into the day’s headlines today.

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