Month: April 2021

Controversial in America

Con artist Roger Stone sued over unpaid taxes: DOJ

The DOJ has formally filed a civil suit against Roger Stone for more than $2.1m in unpaid taxes. According to US reports, the suit was filed over the weekend and lead into many other allegations against Stone at this time. It is unclear if Stone has responded to the suit at this time. "The Stones evaded and frustrated the (Internal Revenue Service's) collection efforts" by repeatedly funneling money to a corporate entity they controlled called Drake Ventures, investigators wrote. Stone and his wife then used Drake Ventures account to "fund a lavish lifestyle despite owing nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties," they wrote. The Stone 's likely are now on the hook for $2m in taxes plus interest.

Janet Mock cops to cheating on boyfriend sparks gasps at Pose premiere

Janet Mock decided to use the apparent Pose premiere as means to get messy on stage. During a 15-minute speech this week, Mock disclosed apparently for the first time that she indeed cheated on her boyfriend and struggled with the idea of her pay on the show. Mock disclosed that the network was actually paying her $40,000 per episode some of which she does not agree with. “Why am I making $40,000 an episode? Huh?” “I am angry!,” she said, demanding more money and perks equal to other TV executives. Mock then targeted Murphy complaining that male writers on the show weren't just interesting enough. But it was her comments following that that are attracting attention. In the same speech, Mock confirmed that she indeed had an affair on her boyfriend Angel Curiel (who also stars...
The Close Up - Evening Newsletter

The Close Up: Shocking allegations rock Jamie Spears, America begins its withdrawal, vaccinations fall

The Close Up is our evening American newsletter to catch our American friends up on the days biggest headlines. This 2nd edition is brought to you in part by Luxe Fashion. America is set to begin its withdrawal from Afghanistan tomorrow. As expected, America is finally poised to begin its withdrawal from Afghanistan tomorrow as the reign of terror it helped plot comes to an end. The Biden Administration previously promised to begin pulling troops out on 1 May. Biden also previously noted that the war on terror ended more than a decade ago, but, failed to explain why the Americans then remained if there was no major active threat. Al-Qaeda has largely fallen influence wise over the years. 2. America is struggling to vaccinate the rest of its citizens. While more t...

Reality T.V star Josh Duggar facing child porn charges

Looks like the downfall of the Duggar family has arrived. According to reports, it turns out that Josh Duggar's arrest is actually because he was in possession of apparent numerous child porn files. Federal investigators revealed this week that Duggar was arrested though at the time of the arrest it was not quite known why. This photo provided by the Washington County (Ark.) Jail shows Joshua Duggar. Former reality TV Star Josh Duggar is being held in a northwest Arkansas jail after being arrested, Thursday, April 29, 2021 by federal authorities, but it’s unclear what charges he may face. (Washington County Arkansas Jail via AP) Now it is. Dating back to 2019, Duggar was initially under investigation amid reports that his own family had turned him in for possession of unlawful chi...

Judge issues order demanding to know why Ghislaine Maxwell is being “mistreated” in prison

Ghislaine Maxwell apparently isn't faring well in prison and now a judge wants to know why. According to Judge Allison J. Nathan, an order has been issued demanding to know why Maxwell is the subject of flashing lights in her cell when she has shown no signs of trying to take her life. Court documents, per multiple reports, also note that Maxwell 's infamous bruise is capturing allot of attention. In photographs published with the documents Maxwell is seen with a bruise under her eye. Though nobody is quite sure how she got it and she says guards are trying to punish her for it. Docs show that Maxwell was allegedly asleep when it happened but did not know how it happened. The government must now explain themselves to Judge Nathan though it is unclear how they intend to do so....
Tech News

Beginning today, we accept Bitcoin

Starting officially today we're adding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a form of payment worldwide. To use this payment method -- you'll have to e-mail in and specifically mention Bitcoin. These forms of payments are final and per our Terms of Service refunds are only provided in limited capacity. Users must have an active wallet and payment must be rendered (or a deposit provided) before services are fully completed. The same 3-day payment window that applies to commercial payments applies to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
CRIME, Fresh News

Bombshell letters surface alleging that #MattGaetz in fact did sleep with an underage girl: Report

A damning new allegation in the saga against Matt Gaetz the United States Rep from Florida. According to multiple reports, his alleged wingman has actually already turned on him in a previously written letter that has just now been unearthed. According to the letter, both Gaetz and Greenberg both paid for sexual relations with an underage teenage girl all but 17-years-old. The saga takes an even darker twist because it is also being alleged that $250,000 in bitcoin payments were offered to convicted felon Roger Stone in hopes that he could secure a pardon for Mr. Greenberg. A pardon that did not actually come to play but had been rumoured for some time while Trump was still in office. Of course the new allegations regarding the letter have already been vehemently denied by Gaetz...

Report: Federal authorities suspect Rudy Giuliani wasn’t just working for Trump

Giuliani 's hot bed relationship with mega-rich Ukranian people has come back to haunt him again. According to the New York Times, Giuliani 's apartment following the raid is now the subject of whether or not he was actually working for a foreign power all along. Part of the stunning raid surrounds that fact and the idea that Rudy did not register with the Justice Department as a lobbyist for a foreign power (which is lawfully required in the United States not illegal but most certainly required.) The news comes as many suspect Russia and such is still meddling in America for reasons that aren't exactly known. Rudy has never seemed all that bothered though appears to have potentially known since 2019 that he was being targeted by Russia. A separate Washington Post story confir...

Nicole Kidman sees herself dragged as images emerge of her on set as Hollywood legend Lucille Ball

Lots of people are talking today amid images of Nicole Kidman appearing online in her getup as Lucille Ball. Kidman although a fine actress has become the center of controversy after many suggested Debra Messing should’ve been cast in Being The Ricardo’s instead. Initially it appears many may have misunderstood what the film actually is. The 🎞 is actually about a week long filming session for an episode of the iconic American sitcom I Love Lucy. It does not appear to be a regular biopic which in turn would be entirely about Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo. The photographs can be seen here. Share with us your thoughts below.
CERTIFIED, The Close Up - Evening Newsletter

The Close Up: Biden’s speech, GOP goes nuclear, America yearns for progress and more

The Close Up is our new evening newsletter featuring the best bites from the day and more. Today’s bites will be featured by myself, SHK, and a different person each evening from there on. BIG MOMENTS: 1. US President Joe Biden led the first set of women to stand together behind the Congressional podium. Last night at Biden’s Congressional address, Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Madame Vice President Kamala Harris became the first women ever to stand together behind the podium. It is a monumental moment for America considering the country has largely been ruled by old white women for centuries. Many are viewing Madame Vice President’s presence as a turning point for America. 2. Police in Louisville Kentucky are now under federal investigation for police brutalit...
Health & Wellness

Biden ‘s government set to ban menthol smokes, here’s what you need to know

With the confirmation that the United States FDA indeed plans to ban menthol smokes in America many are wondering what exactly that in fact means. According to the FDA, the ban will take at least one year to implement considering menthol smokes are sold nationwide -- popularly and controversially among minority communities. A University of Michigan study previously found that between 1980 and 2018 menthol smokes prematurely contributed to more than 380,000 deaths. Despite their hopes to implement the ban, the ban likely will take several years in fact to fully implement. Big Tobacco is likely to ferociously defend its "right" to sell such smokes though many don't agree with them. Studies claim that menthols are the preference of about 85% of Black smokers in the U.S. African ...
UK News, UK Politics

Boris under siege ⌛️

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is apparently in deep trouble. According to the Electoral Commission, Boris Johnson is under investigation for alleged wrongdoing; misuse of funds, and failure to actually notify the commission of improperly raised funds. Much of the investigation surrounds Johnson 's decision to renovate his Downing Street flat, some of which, he allegedly used conservative donors and their donations to do so. But those aren't the only allegations hitting Downing Street. According to a previously written CNN article, Johnson is also facing allegations that he was happy to let Britons die to prevent another wave from hitting the country. One of the larger controversies is that of the alleged funding for the renovation. Having totaled a reported 200,000 it is unc...
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