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Teen in infamous Slender Man saga seeks release 7 years after stunning murder plot

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7 years ago one of the weirdest and most sinister murder plots ever had emerged online. The wild story of The Slender Man became widely known amid what was then reports that a young woman had used the fictitious character to plot the murder of her friend.

That woman is now reportedly seeking release from her confinement to a mental hospital. A confinement she was sentenced to because at the time of the original crime she was a minor. The opposite convicted in the murder plot , Anissa Weier has been identified as the one reportedly seeking release from her conviction.

The reported victim at the time Payton Leutner survived the attack although was left with life altering injuries and trauma as a result. Weier’s co-conspirator Morgan Geyser will remain behind bars. In order for such a release to happen, a judge must clear that she is of no harm to herself or others and she will be monitored until 37.

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